"Fill a Care-Gap"

As a humanitarian NGO in the field of early childhood development, ECIP was operating in the refugee camp of Ritsona between May 2017 and November 2018.


We focused on children in the ages 2 - 5 years old living in difficult environments (e.g. refugee camps) in order to respond to their special needs considering past experiences and current conditions.


It is scientifically proven that the most important period of human development is from birth until age five.

Within the humanitarian context, however, most of the efforts are directed toward school-age  kids (5 years old +) and teenagers to maintain schooling and protect minors from delinquency, drugs etc. As such, there is an observable and unfortunate care-gap for pre-school age children


Infants, toddlers and young children are in a situation where their source of early upbringing and influence is very unstable as mothers are unable to provide a healthy security base, with a family entourage who is often traumatised. 

Our approach is a pragmatic one. We assess the needs regarding early childhood care and intervene accordingly. Whilst our intervention may vary, it always has for core aim to help each infant, toddler and young child grow healthily on social and cognitive grounds in yet very precarious environmentsAt the heart of this mission is to help empower the parents in the provision of a security base for their kids.



We work in partnership with NGOs who are already present in the field in order to help them help the children most effectively. We ensure that our partner NGO always has continuity and expertise. We are thus ready to support: i) financially (i.e. by hiring a specialist or providing a safe infrastructure); and ii) by sharing a basic therapeutic pedagogy that meets the potential trauma conditions of the children, along with a short training course for inexperienced volunteers. 



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